Client Testimonials

Below is what a few of our clients have said about us. Nason Law will also fight for you! Call us today at 978-454-5719 or text us at 978-551-1695

Gil is a great attorney he represented us on a recent falsified civil case with our landlord. We ended up winning our case and saving a ton of money! He is very professional and down to earth. He made our first court experience a lot less stressful and explained everything to us clearly. I would definitely recommend him to everyone!!

Charles K

I was so worried about my case - just happened to be that one time I left a night out with friends and got pulled over. Attorney Nason helped me out, knew what to do, and I kept my license! Thank You

Avvo User Review

If it wasn't for Gil I would be in jail now. The prosecutor was asking for jail time Gil worked out a deal and I ended with probation only. Thank you for helping me.

Michael D.

Gil will fight for you like he fought for me. My ex took out a false restraining order against me. Gil represented me at a court hearing and I won. The restraining order was dismissed by the judge.

Ricardo F.

I was arrested for a dui after leaving the redsoxs game the cops told me to just admit it and it would be easier. I called Gil and he helped me through it. He was an amazing lawyer.


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