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A restraining order charge can be life-changing. At Nason Law, we know that you just want to get through your restraining order case and return to normal life. The Lowell area court can be a scary place, so let us deal with the law for you.

In each case, we handle here at Nason Law, we draw on our passion and training to ensure your rights are observed. We enjoy working with clients from all over the Lowell area and helping them attain desirable results. Your restraining order case deserves a certain expertise and attention to detail that we can provide. We want to help impact your life with a final and satisfactory resolution in your restraining order matter.


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restraining order matters can be overwhelming and downright terrifying. Do not face them alone, but call us at Nason Law, (978) 454-5719. With many years of representing the Lowell area, we have the experience necessary to help bring you justice. Call us at (978) 454-5719 for proper help today.

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