Gil Nason is an experienced criminal defense trial attorney and DUI lawyer. Attorney Nason works diligently and fights hard to defend and protect your legal rights if you are charged with drunk driving or any other criminal offense.

At Nason Law, we are experienced and caring personal injury attorneys. We are dedicated to recovering for our clients the full measure of justice to which they are entitled.

Nason Law can also represent you if your case involves divorce, custody/visitation issues, support obligation, restraining order or guardianship. Attorney Nason will guide you through what can be a very disruptive and destructive experience in such a way that your rights are protected.

Nason Law also fights for clients whose constitutional and other civil rights have been violated including violations of Free Speech, Police Misconduct and Excessive Force, Education Equity, Wrongful Convictions, Due Process Violations and Wrongful Detention.
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