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At Nason Law, nothing offends us more than the idea of an innocent person from our Lowell community wrongly sentenced. The law exists to protect people, but too often prosecutors trample on the rights of the Oxycontin Possession defendant to drive up their conviction rates.

The scope of criminal practice at Nason Law covers virtually all forms of criminal charges. No matter what Oxycontin Possession charge you face in the Lowell area, let us help you through it. Our firm has many years of experience working in the area. We know how the courts serving the Lowell area work, and we will not let prosecutors in the Lowell area walk all over you.

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After many years of practice, the representatives of Nason Law have come to understand the dire necessity of proper representation in Oxycontin Possession cases. If you are from the Lowell area and face Oxycontin Possession matters, do not let the courts step all over your case. We at Nason Law want to protect your rights in court. Call us at (978) 454-5719 for proper representation now.

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