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We are Nason Law, bringing our many years of experience to clients from all over the Andover area. We excel at providing aggressive heroin possession defenses, thereby comforting our clients in our ability to give them just representation. With our experience, we know how to deal with courts and prosecutors in the Andover area.

What sets our heroin possession representation apart from the herd is our talented ability to efficiently negotiate deals with Andover area prosecutors. At Nason Law, our savvy heroin possession approach chips away at the case of the Andover prosecution; finding their weaknesses can leave the courts open to dropping or reducing your criminal charges and recommending a lighter sentence.

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If you find yourself facing heroin possession problems, be sure to rely on the many years of experience offered by Nason Law. We strive to ensure our clients of the Andover area are well represented and knowledgeable in their cases and situations. Do not hesitate to call us at (978) 454-5719.

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