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For many years, the heroin possession team of Nason Law has represented the accused, handling countless cases throughout the Andover area and beyond. We have the know-how to handle your heroin possession case and will work hard to make sure you are satisfied in working with us.

You do not have to live the rest of your life with the burden of a past heroin possession charge. If you are facing this troubling time in or around the Andover area, call us, Nason Law, and we will help develop a plan to find the best solution for your predicament.

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With many years of representing Andover area clients, our legal team at Nason Law stands confident in their ability to represent your case. If you are struggling with heroin possession matters or simply don’t know what to do next, be sure to have our representation on your side and call us at (978) 454-5719 today.

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