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We are Nason Law, and we want to help you get through your dui defense case as unscathed as possible. With many years of working with clients in the Lowell area, we have gained invaluable experience on how to best provide our services to those in need. We can help you drive a better bargain in the Lowell area court and attempt to have your dui defense charges dropped or reduced.

The professional representatives of Nason Law make up a comprehensive dui defense legal counsel that consistently tracks new developments in criminal defense law of  both the Lowell area, and the United States. Knowledge is power when it comes to the law, especially with dui defense cases. You will not find anyone in the Lowell area with more knowledge of criminal defense matters than at Nason Law.

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In dui defense situations, defendants of Lowell area courts have an unfortunate disposition of bias from the start. Do not let Lowell area prosecutors dominate your dui defense case. After many years of practice, we at Nason Law feel confident in our abilities to help you. Call us at (978) 454-5719 to utilize those abilities today.

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