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We are proud of our reputation as one of the most well-known criminal defense firms in Tewksbury. Here at Nason Law, we view this as a privilege, and will always hold ourselves to that reputation. We find success in the Tewksbury area because we put your needs first. Your restraining order issue is unique, so you need someone who can pay attention to details and aggressively fight to protect your rights at each step. Wherever you are in the Tewksbury area, do not settle for less than top quality representation.

When you need a determined team who can produce results in the Tewksbury area, look no further than the legal professionals at Nason Law. We have many years history of helping clients throughout Tewksbury and the surrounding areas. Our reputation stands for reading into every detail of your restraining order case and offering proper representation and a fair chance at justice.  No matter the specific criminal allegations, trust the restraining order professionals at Nason Law.

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restraining order matters are overwhelming and potentially destructive in life. After many years of experience, the representatives of Nason Law have seen many people unsuccessfully attempt to take the Tewksbury area courts alone. We at Nason Law want to see your case properly represented. Call us for representation in the Tewksbury area court system.

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